The Fannon Petroleum Team

Fannon Petroleum is a second-generation family owned business. John Fannon, son and nephew of the original founders is the President and CEO. He is hands-on, actively involved in the day-to-day operations and has worked in most positions at the company so he has extensive, first-hand knowledge of the work we do!

We are proud to have very experienced drivers and staff that understand the intricacies of the fuel business and can respond with professionalism and urgency when situations warrant it. Knowing the criticality of providing fuel to keep a business running and balancing the multiple needs of  wide variety of customers at any given time is a challenge that we welcome and at which we excel.

When we think of the Fannon Petroleum Team we think of the group that includes customers, suppliers, employees and vendors all working together to insure the success of all.

Our History

On October 9, 1850, my great grandfather, Michael Fannon and his wife Mary sailed from Ireland to America. After arriving in New York, they traveled to Alexandria, Virginia where he established a grocery store on the banks of the C&O Canal. That successful grocery business quickly grew and he even acquired mule-drawn barges that brought coal and wood from Maryland and Pennsylvania, to the docks in Alexandria, adding wood and coal to the Fannon grocery store’s inventory.

Shortly after the Civil War, T.J. Fannon, the oldest son of Michael Fannon’s eleven children, moved the burgeoning coal and wood heating business to the 300 block of South Henry Street, established T.J. Fannon and Sons. The firm continued to sell coal and added fuel oil to its inventory. Soon after, it moved across the street to 1300 Duke Street. Today, T.J. Fannon and Sons is still doing business at the Duke Street location. 

In 1961, Fannon Petroleum Services was started in order to enter the commercial and wholesale, multiple fuels business. We sell fuel oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, and all approved motor oils to our commercial and government customers. It has been very a successful enterprise, and we grew from owning a single fuel truck, to our present fleet of 30 fueling units. These can meet any and all quantities from 8,000 to 10, 000 gallon commercial deliveries, and smaller quantities of 100 to 200 gallons, delivered directly to our customers.

We would love to hear from you!

We’re here to help and answer any questions you might have. We look forward to hearing from you!