Petroleum Products

Our products are all available either for delivery or at our pumps and loading rack in Gainesville, VA. Our location is designed with convenience in mind with pumps for on and off road diesel fuel, gasoline and Diesel Exhaust Fluid Dispenser (DEF). Our canopies are tall and have plenty of space to maneuver large trucks. For customers that want to fill their own delivery vehicles, we have a loading dock available. Our card lock system enables our customers to monitor truck mileage, control what fuels employees can purchase, track fuel usage for IFTA reporting. 

Fannon Petroleum Services offers extremely competitive Diesel Pricing, so place an order with us today.

Heating Oil

Choose from Regular (87 octane), Midgrade and Premium with quantities available up to 8,000 gallons

Heating Oil

Keep your building warm with our premium high quality heating oil with quantities available up to 7,500 gallons


Quantities available up to 7,500 gallons

Motor Oil / Greases/Lube

Available for purchase in small quantities


Diesel Exhaust Fluid is available to pump directly into your vehicle or for purchase in gallon-size containers

Off Road Diesel

Ideal for construction equipment, farm vehicles and generators with quantities available up to 7,500 gallons

On Road Diesel

For all your on-road diesel vehicles with quantities available up to 7,500 gallons

Read into how we create a safe work environment to protect our employees. Our products are handled following all proper precautions.

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